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About Us

PgDIP Veterinary Physiotherapy 

Where it all started 

poppy stallard pearson

My name is Poppyjane Stallard Pearson and i am the owner of Stallard VPR a business i have built and now run alongside my mother Tina. 
My journey to become a Veterinary Physiotherapist began right from my childhood. My Mum is animal obsessed and so from day one we had the privilege of welcoming animals of every size and variety into our home. Mum had her own horse but after years of lessons at riding schools i finally convinced them i needed a pony of my own! My first pony was a geriatric rescue case who needed very careful management to keep sound and healthy, but we enjoyed the challenge and he gave us everything he had in return. Since then we have self - produced our own horses from lots of different backgrounds, ages and abilities but we have a special soft spot for the Ex-Racehorses, and never seem to be without one here at Stallard VPR HQ. We also have a wide varierty of dogs of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds who are all valued members of the family, aswell as chickens, sheep, goats and various other animals here.

I am now a mum to my own wonderful daughter and i am excited to see her love for animals grow as my own still does as she already loves life on the farm.

cross country jumping

Education and Qualifications 

Bsc Hons Equestrian Sport Science 
PgDip Veterinary Physiotherapy 

Throughout my school years i could not wait to get back home to go to Pony Club or get out with the horses and dogs, so after Sixth Form there was only one route I wanted to take for University and that was an Animal Practical subject.

I enrolled at Hartpury University for an BSc. Honours Undergraduate degree in Equestrian Sport Science, during this degree my favourite subjects quickly became Sports conditioning, Rehabilitation and Sports massage modules -  Where could i learn more about helping rehabilitate animals and optimise performance?!

This desire led me to my Masters degree in Veterinary Physiotherapy at the University of Nottingham the school of Veterinary Sciences, of which i have been successfully awarded my Postgraduate Diploma, and am on route to my MSc.
I am therefore now a Qualified Veterinary Physiotherapist! 

dressage exracehorse

My Ridden Career

Through my ridden career i have enjoyed the world of Pony Club competing in the Showjumping, Eventing and Tetrathlon teams up to Open height, after a break from competing i now hope to bring on some young horses and explore the world of British Eventing in the coming years,
but this now has to fit around adult life and a young family.
I have also enjoyed Team chasing, Hunter trails and Hunting in the Uk and Ireland. 


My horses have always been self-produced and a large proportion of them have been ex-racehorses who hold a special place in my heart, and who i really enjoy retraining and rehabilitating. Although many are bought by myself to produce and eventually sell on, Sammy who is the jumping photo at the top of this page was one of the very first ex-racehorses i had the joy of owning
and is still with us at Stallard VPR 10 years on! 


adventure dogs.jpeg

Adventure Dogs

When it comes to my Canine expertise i have always had a Canine companion by my side - my Adventure dogs are my world! Who better to go hiking with, mountain biking with or curl up on the sofa with in front of the fire.

My girls Suki and Mitsi are Lurcher crosses and are as athletic as they come which does unfortunately mean they seem to be constantly requiring my skills to keep them on all 4 legs - but i wouldn't have them any other way. 

 At SVPR HQ my family also have a 'pack' of dogs of varying sizes so when we are not adventuring then my girls are usually at work with me or spend all day playing with their friends at our family farm! 


We have quite the family of Animals from a variety of backgrounds, each one plays a special part in my life and that is why we understand so well how much a true "member of the family" our animals become.

Let me help you enhance their quality of life and reach their potential.

Pip XC
Otty exracehorse re-training
Sam hedge jumping
Blenheim pony club event
Charity race
Brecons adventure
beach fun Mitsi
Beach kisses dogs
Family dogs and Suki
PC Open eventing
Pc eventing
gatcombe showjumping
Cheltenham ROR
PC Open SJ
Pip XC
Pip and Baby Rio

Our New Forest mare 

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