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Please note any appointments cancelled with less than 48hrs notice will be charged at full appointment cost and will need to be paid for before a new appointment can be scheduled. 

* The "Multiple" discount of £5 where more than one animal is seen at the same visit is applied to the additional animals fee only.

Appointments at Stallard VPR  Headquarters 

Here at Stallard VPR we offer discounted rates if you come to us, not only does this save you money but our purpose built facilities and equipment here to allow us to optimise your animals treatment ensuring maxiumum benefit for you animal within your appointment that are hard to replicate remotely- That means the best treatment for your money.

This also allows more appointment flexibilty as we dont have to account for travelling time meaning more treatment availabilty in our diary!

Optimised Horse treatment at SVPR HQ?

- No menage or concrete strip/ tarmac for asessment purposes at your yard / premesis ? We understad that for the majority of people this is a reality and so we try our best to ensure creative methods to ensure a thorough assessment on remote visits however come to us here and we have those facilities such as a all-weather menage to bridge the gap and maximise our dynamic assessment.

- We have purpose built under-cover treatment facilities with a level solid base where you may not have this luxury - many electrotherapies used during physio treatments cannot be used in the rain/ on muddy wet animals , and a level solid base is the ideal for effective manual technique application.

And of course- Maximimum treatment time for your animal as no equipment movement & set up time required 

Optimised Dog treatment at SVPR HQ?

- We know that many animals feels protective of their owners and home enviroment - it may improve your animals complaince to be in a enviroment that is not their own territory and therefore they may get more treatment time within their appointment time if they feel more comfortable in this type of enviroment. 

- We have purpose built facilities and lots of equipment to maximise rehabilitave exercises that you we just cannot fit in our car and bring into your homes, with these additional resources we can explore your dogs response to various methods and optimise the results more carefully and efefctively.  

- Maximimum treatment time for your animal 

as no equipment movement & set up time required.

* remote appointments at your yard/ home within approximately 25 miles of Omberlsey, Worcestershire, UK or within 1 hour travel time. 
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