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Physiotherapy Appointments 

The first consult - this first session lasts approximately 1.5 hours (with Horses please allow 2 hours), 
Before the appoinment you will complete a "referal form" and return this to us, this will outline you and your animals basic details and allow your Vet to detail any relevant history.
Completion of this referal form is compulsary by law prior to treatment. 
On the appointment day we will then carry out a thorough assessment of your animal prior to treatment, this includes: a full verbal history of the animal, review any relevant footage & veterinary history, carry out a full static (animal at rest) and dynamic (animal moving) assessment. The assessment process is arguably the most important part of the first appointment as this is our "baseline" for all future treatments, perfomance and welfare of your animal moving foreward, it therefore often takes a large chunk of time and hence the appointment duration is longer to allow for this reflectd in the treatment price. 

First Consultation - New Client 

Equine 1st Consultation for new clients
1.5 -2 hours duration


equine physio treatment .jpeg

- For equine patients it is advised to allow a day off / a gentle hack day following the appointment

Canine 1st Consultation for new clients
1.5 hours duration

Dog physio treatment.jpeg

-Please advise the therapist of any behavioural or dietary specifics prior to appointment or provide suitable treats for baited exercise where suitable.  

* remote appointments at your yard/ home within approximately 25 miles of Omberlsey, Worcestershire, UK or within 1 hour travel time. 

RepeatTreatments -
Current Customers and Animals previosuly treated in last 12 months 

Repeat treatments - For exisitng customers with animals previosuly treated in the last 12 months  we have a "baseline" to work from from our inital first treatment. This often allows us to compare our findings during the assessment element of this appoinment and amend treatment protocols therefore often there is more hands on treatment time in these follow up sessions. Please be re-assured however that the comparative assessment element of an appointment is as always the foundation for a successful repeat treatment and therefore will not be rushed or missed out.

The treatment itself will use a combination of Manual techniques (including massage) and Electrotherapies to optimise tissue health and we strive to improve overall performance and welafre of your animal as a result. For more iformation on the specific techniques used please view treatments  .

Following treatment responsive alterations to your exercise prescription / home plan will be made with a full written report provided - consistency is key and so please note the exercise type may not change each appointment but we may instead alter the frequency or ability level of the exercise. 

These repeat sessions often take less administration and assessment time than a 1st consultation which allows us to offer a reduced rate as per the price list. 

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