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Rehabilitation  Livery 

At Stallard VPR we offer Rehabilitation Livery for horses.

This is a great option for both complex cases & cases to oversee the care of your animal post-injury or post-surgery.

Why could this benefit my horse?

- Do you feel you lack sufficient time to do their rehabilitation justice?
- Feel the current environment or facilities are not right or sufficient for your horses rehabilitation?

-Do you feel overwhelmed / lacking experience/confidence? Worried you may "break" them or not get it right?

- Are you going on holiday / need a break/ or have a busy period of work upcoming ?

We know first hand how difficult a rehab journey can be - lets face it this can be a rollercoaster of a journey! Juggling vet appointments, medication, and daily bandage changes with daily life, never mind daily exercise programmes, hand grazing etc...

Here we can take that worry away by ensuring your horse is cared for like our own utilising our years of skill to boot.


By opting for this service not only can our professional Veterinary Physiotherapy input have a massive positive difference on the success of the animals rehabilitation, but we also take away the disturbance to your routine and some of the worry of your animals welfare.


These packages can be designed to accommodate your horses for a minimum of 1 week or up to months in duration to suit yourselves and your schedules.


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Enquire for Price:
Prices quoted at fixed weekly 

We can also offer this service for "Holidays" where your animal receives physiotherapy treatments and a bespoke exercise programme like being at a retreat for horses, this is a great opportunity for Pre-season conditioning and fitness (especially where an old injury is of concern), or is an option whilst you are away on your own holiday so they are feeling their best for your return to work. 

Will My insurance cover this ?

This is dependant on your insurance company, some insurance companies unfortunately will not cover the whole rehabilitation package as they consider Livery a day to day cost. But FEAR NOT - insurance companies do however recognise physiotherapy and rehabilitation services, therefore they may cover the rehabilitation costs. In these cases we invoice separately for the Full Livery element and then for Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation services so you can claim this element. 


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