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To Blog or not to Blog ?

Now i wasn't sure about this option on my new website, to Blog or not to Blog? I have never explored the opportunity of writing to a open forum of strangers, and i am sure i will make more than a few mistakes along this journey and offend someone! However i reason that i cannot be the only one who spends their life with their nose in a good book or that gets drawn into a news article or research paper and end up in the Alice in wonderland "rabbit hole" of information on subjects of interest. And anyone that knows me that once i get going i just cannot stop talking about subjects that interest me ....... So here i am BLOGGING down my thoughts and ideas about changes in current research, talking about particularly interesting cases (with clients permission and names changed for privacy) and just generally getting a bit geeky about the world of Veterinary Physiotherapy and associated practitioners and subjects.

If this all sounds interesting and right up your street then....... STAY TUNED 🐶🐴😝

P.S heres a little photo of my Saluki called Suzuki struggling to keep her eyes open during some Pulsed Magnetic Frequency Therapy - an Electrotherapy i am sure i will talk about lots on here!

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